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Mobile Phone Insurance: complete protection for your mobile phone

March 21, 2012

Now a day’s theft and loss of our cell phones are increasing day by day therefore we would like to protect our mobile phones with Mobile Phone Insurance plan. According to the survey around 88% of mobile phones are covered under Mobile phone Insurance coverage if it stolen, theft or damaged. As we all use our mobile phones  several times  in a day  and if it is really common to break  or damage your phone  then insurance company or the provider should promise you to replace or repair it within 48 hrs of making a claim.

Mobile Phone Insurance

The most important which you have to keep in mind is check your policy carefully because there are some insurance companies that will cover only a selected mobile phones while some of them also include cover for your iphone, smartphone  or other handsets also. If your mobile phone is stolen then before you go for making a claim to the insurance company ,the first thing which you should do is to inform the police and the respective phone network.

It is recommended that you should purchase Mobile Phone Insurance for your cell phones because you have paid a huge amount for them so instead of spending money in purchasing a new one you should buy an insurance policy which is much more affordable.

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